Written by the Warrior


Lonely Planet Hong Kong Author Piera Chan described Hong Kong as “intense and full of possibilities”.

And I agree with her whole-heartedly.

Despite such intensity, Hong Kong is one of the easiest places to travel with children.

For one, it is generally very safe. There is heavy uniformed officer presence in touristy areas, so help is super close by, if it is needed.

Also, almost everyone speaks English fluently. Of course, they speak Cantonese and Mandarin too. Sometimes I watch with amazement the effortless ease with which they switch between the three extremely different languages. Subway announcements are in all three languages and written signs are in both Chinese characters and English.

Being one of the top culinary destinations in the world, Hong Kong boasts selections to suit every appetite, even my extremely picky eaters. Outstanding cuisines can be found everywhere, even in groceries stores and mall food courts.

Hong Kong has one of the most efficient transportation systems in the world. Its systems of metros, air-conditioned buses, trams and ferries are able to take you wherever your heart desires. But, more often than not, you’ll end up walking through a mall.

Judging from just how many malls I ended up walking through en-route somewhere, I almost feel like Hong Kong is made up entirely of malls. I would dare say that you would be able to find anything your could possibly need in Hong Kong’s myriad of malls and markets.

In case you lose your bearings as easily as I do, there is helpful staff stationed at busy subway exits to help you find your way.

Hong Kong is a unique blend of age-old traditions and ultra modern tendencies. There are traditional temples, serene hills and parks surrounded by sky scrappers. The world’s oldest ferry cruising along side sleek metro systems. Poetically you can leap through hundreds of years of evolution in a span of a few hours here.

Most of all, travel with children is easy in Hong Kong because of the infinite possibilities of fun to be had.

Intense fun, but fun none-the-less.