Written by the Warrior


A few years ago, the younger version of me was convinced by my good friend Beatrice to do Mud Hero, a race through an obstacle course of mud. Serious amounts of mud. Between the two of us, we coerced a group of normally clean people to join us.

At the end of that day, I ran 6 km without proper training, almost lost my Keens in thigh deep mud multiple times, got 100% covered in mud, had a great time, had no idea of my finish time and got a metal (because everyone gets a medal for finishing the race).

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When I got home and showed the Dragon and the Tiger Princess my medal, I opened a floodgate because now they wanted to be in a race too and they wanted a medal too.

So that’s how we got started with the Tri-Kids triathlon series, a triathlon race for children.

But believe you me, this is no walk in the park! Here are the distances for the various age groups.


According to me, that’s a lot for each of the age groups. I’m not even sure that many adults can do them.

Nevertheless, what’s the race without a challenge?

This summer marked our second bi-annual triathlon race, which is a big family event, drawing spectators all the way from the great town of Mississauga.

The kids are respected as athletes the entire race weekend from the race kit pick up, to numbering and tattooing, to the pre-race briefing, to gear set up.

This year the Dragon graduated to the age group of racing on his own from start to finish. My heart almost stopped when he rejected a life jacket for the swimming portion. He did fine without it, though I’m not sure how fine I was during that portion of the race. He was also well cared for in the transition zone by race staff, helping him to get his shoes on and get onto the bike portion of the race.

My little racing machine also did a fantastic job! While I tagged along, the Tiger Princess did the whole race without any help and shaved off four whole minutes from two years ago! I seriously had trouble keeping up during the race.

Win or lose, tradition or not, at the end of the day, what was most important, was that beyond the finish line was a medal and a whole lot of cookies waiting.