Written by the Warrior


One summer day in Iceland, a mysterious car appeared in the parking lot of the Keyflavik International Airport’s Budget Car Rental Office. After paying the rental fees for three weeks, the Dragon and the Tiger Princess climbed into the car.

The Car was filled with maps and luggage, and it was magic. It could go any place that was on a map in Iceland (as long as there was gas in the tank). All Dragon and Tiger Princess had to do was point to a spot on a map and wish to go there. A Key would be inserted into the ignition, the wind would start to blow. The magic car would start to roll. Its wheels spun faster and faster and faster. Then everything would be silent. Absolutely silent. As quiet and still as silence could be. Because they are at a stop light.

They found that if daddy could figure out the directions in Icelandic, the magic car would take them to where they wished to be… in about 3 hours.

The first place that the Dragon pointed to, ended up being the Icelandic Phallological Museum. Aka the…


While the specimens in the museum inspire a tone of giggles, the museum is not at all pornographic and is very very well done.

There are a total of 283 mammalian members on display. And believe it or not, there is even one from our very own Homo Sapiens Sapiens family.

I mean seriously, where else can one find penis lamps, balled lights and dick planters?