Written by the Warrior


After our Flaajökull adventure, we stopped at Hólmur, a family owned farm/guesthouse/petting zoo.

The family is one of many landowners that is cooperating with the Vatnajökull National Park to open up access to the National Park through their property. So our visit was my way of expressing my appreciation for giving us the incredible opportunity to experience the very best of Iceland, by stuffing my face with generous helpings of chocolate cake.

When the owner found out that we were staying in Höfn, he asked me if I have seen the circle of mountains. Until that point, our stay in South Iceland had been dampened by a heavy storm front, so I shook my head. He tells me “I hope that you get a chance to see it, because it’s really quite something.”

Then unbelievably, on our last days in the South, the sun came out of hiding and the glorious South revealed all its hidden secrets to us.

The circle of mountains of Höfn.


The magnificent glaciers with unpronounceable names.


The haunting beauty of the glacier lagoon Jökulsárlón.


The dark basalt columns of Svartifoss.

Skaftafell, South Iceland

And unbelievably, for the first time in my entire travelling career, I have found the cover of the Lonely Planet book.