Written by the Warrior


In South Iceland, after days of rain bucketing down on us, the sky tap finally turned off for a few hours during our short stay in Hofn.

The staff at the Gamlabúð, the visitor’s centre for the Vatnajökull National Park in Hofn, told me that there are closer access to the park than Skaftafell.

From the two that our small 2WD could safely access, we picked the Flaajökull access, simply because it was the closest.

A 15 minute drive on the paved road with another 15 minute drive on a rough and partially flooded gravel road, took us to the car park.

We began our hike at around 12:30pm, leaving our lone Hyundai rental.


We didn’t know much about the hike at the time, the only thing on our minds was that we needed to be done by 4pm, to beat the rain.

We climbed a small hill to a suspension bridge… And little did we know, that a mere 15 minutes later, we would be standing at the foot of the Flaajökull glacier tongue.


I have had a fascination with ice and snow since I was little and standing at the foot of the mighty Vatnajökull ice cap and physically touching the 10,000 year old glacier, was a truly incredible experience.


It was very sad for me to see how far the glacier has retreated. The miles of land that I hiked across, was where they used to be.


It was also incredibly sad to see the melting right in front of my eyes. Every second, a piece of our history and incredible natural wonder disappears forever.


At the same time, standing next to the still mighty glacier, I felt incredibly fortunate to have had this opportunity to be here, to be able to share it with the Dragon and the Tiger Princess, to teach them just how precious and beautiful our world is.

And to be there away from the crowds, in a wonderful country that is, for the time being, still off the beaten path.

I don’t know how long we actually stayed, but we started to head out when the rain came. Around that time 10 more people were on their way to the glacier tongue.

For a little while anyways, we had our very own slice of glacier heaven.

(PS. I know, I could totally be a hand model!)