Written by the Warrior


Over the years, I have often noticed that there appear to be a need for most people to define and categorize who they are and identify with those who are similar.

When I was younger, the categories that my peers were concerned about were primarily centred around who you were dating or not dating, what school you went to, where (country/hometown) you were from, what language(s) you spoke, your religious & political views, your food preference, your future aspirations and what sporting team you supported.

This need to identify and categorize oneself, became amplified when I became a parent. Are you a natural birthing mom or a C-section mom? Are you a breast feeding mom or a bottle feeding mom? Are you an attachment parenting mom or are you a stroller mom? Are you a co-sleeping mom or do you like getting sleep? Are you a stay-at-home mom or a working mom? Are you a feminist mom, are you a helicopter mom, are you a tiger mom or are you a free for all mom?

This categorization is hilariously illustrated in this tear jerking video below

As the Tiger Princess and the Dragon get older, the identification and categorization extended beyond the self, onto the whole family. Now, it’s, are you a hockey family? A soccer family? A cottage going family? etc…

As usual, I’m the perpetual oddball who don’t quite fit the norm anywhere.

Of course, thanks to me, my whole family, by extension, became the oddball family who don’t quite fit the norm anywhere. I am pretty sure we are not a hockey family, since, at least one of us should play or like hockey. We could almost be a soccer family, but I have not played since my ankle injury, and the Tiger Princess primarily picks grass when she is on the field. We are not a cottage family, since we do not have a cottage nor do we like going to one. Etc…

Then one day, it dawned on me that clearly if you don’t fit the norm, then you have to make the norm fit you. The solution clearly is to start a whole new category of family identification, one that works for me and my family.

Since cluing to this, I have come to feel very very liberated. I have also come to realize that, my family, is in fact, the down sweater family!

It is so simple and so obvious! I wondered why I never figured this out before.

For one, we each own a down sweater.

We wear it in Canada, we wore it in Iceland, we wear it to school/work, we wear it to the park, we wear it hiking, we wear it camping, we wear it when we bike, we wear it when we are sick, we wear it in the Spring, Fall and Winter, we wear it because it feels like butter against our skin. And most of all, we wear it because it looks so damn good on us.

To join our newly created category of family identification, you must meet the following pre-requisites,

  1. Own a down sweater.
  2. Have a keen interest in pursuits that required the use of a down sweater.
  3. Have good taste in quality gear, such as a good down sweater.
  4. Know that Patagonia is a mountain range in South America and a clothing brand, and is torn over which Patagonia you like more.
  5. Know that Marmot is a little furry critter and a clothing brand, and is not torn over which one you like more.
  6. Is practical and therefore only spend $ on important things in life, such as a quality down sweater and travelling to places that require the use of said down sweater.
  7. Put yourself in environments that require the use of a down sweater, such as living in a climate that is cold, but not too cold, or travelling to places that are cold, but not too cold.
  8. Like being comfortable in such said environments that you knowingly put yourself in.
  9. Look damn good in a down sweater.