Written by the Warrior


We didn’t spend very much time in Cape Canaveral, as it ended up just being our base for the Kennedy Space Centre. In the short time that we were there, we did manage a few interesting adventures.

For one, the roads leading us there was pretty cool as you end up driving across several impressively long bridges, both made by land and people.


We arrived at the Cape in the late afternoon, and after a long nap by That Guy, it was getting too cold (about 19C) to swim in the ocean. Nevertheless, we decided to check out the famous Cocoa Beach anyways.

While not as nice as Ormond Beach in Daytona, it was a nice beach. The sand was whitish in colour with lots of shells, which made sand walking a little on the painful side.


My instructions to everyone was that it was too cold to go swimming, so obviously everyone listened… it only took 6 minutes for everyone to be drenched. There were quite a bit of wiping out with the waves and in the sand. And without beach shoes or a towel, (since we didn’t plan on going swimming), we ended walking back to the hotel in bare feet – all of us.

We then attempted to find Rusty’s Seafood and Oyster Bar, recommended by my friend Tony, as a hang out place for astronauts. And after driving around in Port Canaveral in the dark for at least 10 minutes along the street that the restaurant should be on, That Guy finally spotted a dim sign that said Rusty’s Seafood and Oyster Bar was temporary closed for renovations.

So we went here instead. It was right next door and looked really nice from the outside.



We asked to sit outside on the patio on the harbour, because it was way warmer outside compared to the air conditioned indoors and it was right by the water! There was only one other couple there and soon I figured out why. First, the Dragon complained of a yucky smell – the fishy smell of a harbour. I didn’t mind that. Then I was attacked by the giant mosquitoes of Florida… In December…

By now, except That Guy, who had a nice nap in the afternoon, everyone else was tired, hungry and cranky (including me). The Dragon and the Tiger Princess were at each other’s throats, arguing, pushing and hitting each other, and calling each other all sorts of “not so nice” names. This is the getting on my nerves part of travelling and the extremely unglamorous part of parenting that no one likes to talk about – probably to maintain sanity. I certainly strive to forget these incidents as soon as possible, as well.

And everything WAS basically forgotten the moment the waitress came through the patio door with big plates of food. We cheered, as she put a plate of fish with sweet potato fries in front of the Dragon and the Tiger Princess. By the time she put the crab cake in front of That Guy, we realized that these were not our order. In the span of the 3 seconds it took to figure this out, the Dragon managed to snatch some fries and was already eating it. He said that in another 3 seconds, he would have started on the fish.

Our food arrived only 5 minutes later. They were fresh, super delicious and had amazing healing powers of forgiveness/forgetfulness.


So, for us, Cape Canaveral was a great base to explore the Kennedy Space Centre, which was only a 30 minute drive away. It had a good beach, at least one Publix (I still find this funny!), lots of surf & beach wear shops, and most importantly, it had great food that healed hunger and crankiness.