Written by the Warrior


We spent a day at Sea World, Orlando recently.

While seeing animals in captivity isn’t normally on my list of favourite things to do, this really was a fun place to visit – once anyways.

We were fortunate to have been staying at the Doubletree by Hilton, which ended up being an easy 10 minute walk away (thank you Hotwire!).


Even still, the vast majority of the hotel guests signed up to use the complimentary shuttle or ended up driving, instead. I’m sure that we are the crazy ones by most people’s standards.

The best part about staying at this hotel was that we got the Quick Queue tickets as part of our resort fee. While I’m not a fan of resort fees (which, let’s face it, is really is just a another excuse to collect more $ from me), I’m perfectly ok with getting perks out of the situation.


These enabled us to get to the front of the line at all rides except the kiddie rides in Shamu’s Happy Harbour.

While Sea World was not nearly as crazy busy as Disney, it was busy enough that some rides had a 70 minute wait time.

With the Quick Queue passes, we packed in 3 shows, the awesome Atlantis ride (where the Dragon and the Warrior got dunked several times), an awesome 3D turtle show, two super lame rides (thanks goodness we didn’t have to wait too long), the pretty cool shark aquarium, a cool miniature train display, a lot of food and no souvenirs.

The Quick Queue tickets costs an extra $20/person on top of the entrance fee ($96 with taxes). While they are not cheap, I do think that they enhanced our experience and definitely my sanity during our visit.

When asked what was everyone’s favourite part of the day, the Tiger Princess said that it was the fireworks – since it was the last thing that she remembered (we didn’t even see that show), the Dragon said that it was his shorts – not sure about this one, That Guy liked the shark tanks, and the Warrior was simply happy that everyone walked the whole day without getting tired or whiny – clearly all that training of walking to school is totally paying off (they whine so much during that walk, but they are in fantastic shape!).

Here are some pictures from our Sea World, Orlando visit.

The beautifully choreographed dolphin show.


This ride might look interesting, but it was super lame and we froze at the end of the ride at the penguin house.


Here we learned (and have now forgotten) the difference between a seal and a sea lion. And saw a wild bird snatch fish from a lady’s hand.


This was a super fun show where we saw an elephant seal shake his booty!


Look, baby sharks almost hatching!


This was cool! You are moved by a flat escalator through this section.


Ahh, the whale show. Little did we know that we were about to be dunked with icy cold water…



Six times! How awesome was that!