Written by the Warrior.


All great adventures begin with a lot of waiting.

It’s been a good 4 years since our last trip and I have completely forgotten about this aspect of travel.

While you do the best that you can with the aspects of the trip that is within your control, such as planning and packing, etc… But invariably, you do end up waiting, a lot.

Waiting for the hour/minutes that’s the right time to leave for the airport, waiting for the park and fly bus, waiting to check your bag in, waiting to drop your giant car seat at the over sized luggage drop off line with people apparently trying to bring their kitchen sink on the plane, waiting for the really really really old dude to walk through the x-ray machine at glacial pace and setting it off for the fifth time, waiting to clear through US customs & getting excited that the Tiger Princess and the Dragon are getting their first stamps on their new passports- even though they don’t seem care at all, waiting for our tres expensive airport dinner at 3:30pm, waiting for our plane to arrive, waiting to board, waiting for liftoff, waiting to reach cruising altitude so we can get our colourings out, waiting to land, waiting for our luggage, waiting in the longest rental car line EVER – Alamo was having a special, so of course everyone was here.

During my 28+ years of travel, the debate over whether it’s the journey or the destination that matters is as classic as the chicken/egg debate.

For me, I’m finally starting to realize that neither actually matters to me at this stage in my life. What matters is the little things. The wonderful Westjet staff going over and above the call of duty to help us through the myriad of steps at the airport, the Dragon taking responsibility for one piece of luggage and only forgetting about it twice during the whole trip (once on the airport mover), running into the really really really old dude that took 11 minutes to clear through the x-ray machine (of course he never knew of your existence, but you know that it was his watch that kept on setting off the machine), completely polishing off the big plates of food at the 3:30pm dinner, playing “basketball” with a frog and making so much noise that the entire airport gave us dirty looks, being so glad not to be absorbed in portable electronics like everyone else, seeing the Christmas tree that reminded us of the tree in the Polar Express movie, arriving at the hotel 2 hours later than planned and getting four yummy freshly baked cookies during check in, expecting Double Tree by Hilton to be like the Comfort Inn and finding it to be the most luxurious hotel we’ve ever stayed at (ok, it’s not hard to achieve considering how cheap we are, but still $75/night is an amazing deal for an almost 4 star hotel), and being exceptionally surprised by how well the Dragon and the Tiger Princess handled all this waiting (there were only a handful of “rah rah rah, lost a point” doled out).

(The tree like the one in the Polar Express at the Orlando airport).