Dearest friends and family,


As 2015 winds down, it occurred to us that once again, we have not kept in touch with you as we wanted to. Of course, once again, we have no real excuse. Also as you know, creativity is paramount to our family, since it is one of the few things that we actually have in common with each other.

So, we have decided to channel our creative juices into this blog, to document our adventures and misadventures as we journey to discover the world beyond our backyard.

We hope that you will join us in this exciting adventure and that through this blog, we will share our memories, adventures, hopes and embarrassing mements with you and your family.

Until we become international sensations, this blog will only be by invitation only to those dearest to our hearts.

Thanks for visiting and we hope to see you both in person and in the comments.

Love, all of us.